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You spend one third of your life sleeping so it makes sense to buy a quality mattress.  But how do you know which Tempur Pedic mattresses are quality and which are crap? That’s where we come in.

If you don’t already know, tempur is the material originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure built up from the G-Force experienceed by astronauts during lift offs. It was later developed over a span of 3 decades by Swedish and American scientists into the Tempur Pedic Swedish Sleep System. The viscoelastic foam is very dense and feels like wet clay (which is why it must always be enclosed in a fabric casing).

Benefits of Tempur-Pedic mattresses

Tempur Pedic mattresses have theraputic properties, which relieve pain during sleeping by reducing pressure points, increasing their comfort level and reducing tossing and turning, and thus, greatly enhaning the sleep experience.

Tempur mattresses actually have the ability to sense your body temperature and displaces your weight evenly over the surface of the mattress, improving circulation and allowing your blood to flow more freely. Tempur has the ability to conform to all body shapes and sizes.

Tempur’s open cell construction makes the material breathable and comfortable to sleep on.  In addition, the material is much denser than regular polyurethane.  This is the reason that the Tempur material can accomdate more pressure or weight than other polyurethane foams.

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